Digital Training A.R.T Class

Interactive A.R.T Digital Drawing Class

Digital Training A.R.T Class

We have partnered with globally renowned breast cancer tattooing collective A.R.T Areola Restorative Tattoo to assist you in reaching your artistry dreams!

Areola Restortative Tattoo are the team who introduced the following innovations:

- A.R.T. taught the PMU world how to draw realistic nipples!

- Flash/Diagram Sheet with Nipple/Areola Complex reference.

- Permanent Areola Pigments (The Pink Ribbon Series)

- MEDARTPRO SKINS - the world's ONLY scarred practice skins!

- NIPPLEBACKS - The first Artistic Temporary 3D Nipple Tattoos

- TatSoul Envy A.R.T. Cartridges Areola Restorative Tattooing

Paramedical tattooing deserves its own designation, so we created an approach that is respectful and comprehensive, from a body artists perspective.

NO online course will actually teach you how to tattoo scar tissue properly.

This course is the PERFECT compliment to in-person pmu nipple training.

If you take this course before your A.R.T Training, the cost of the digital course will come off the final amount of in person tattoo training!

Learn to be your best so you can empower others!

Digital Training A.R.T Class

We are proud to offer you the thorough and in depth A.R.T. AREOLA RESTORATIVE TATTOO full online digital course.

This course includes regular critiques and a community of like minded and supportive artists. We provide direct feedback and advice on every submission to help you really grow as an artist.

Online learning is never a replacement for in person training, but it can help develop your skills on paper so they can be perfectly executed in the skin.

In this class you will receive 50+ LESSONS, that you do online at your own pace!

These include:

- Drawing from Real Life, Handling Scar Tissue, Needles & Machines

- Consultation process, Placement, Theory, Emotions and Healing

- Drawing assignments, Videos & PDF downloads

This is one of the most comprehensive online learning platforms for learning this specialist work. Whilst there's no pressure to complete assignments in a certain time we encourage you to challenge yourself, do something out of your comfort zone and we promise you will see very pleasing results!

There's so much to learn with this specialist work, this course is a great starting point or even better it's perfect for anyone who has previously had 3D nipple tattoo training and felt they needed a little more guidance to further their tattoo skills and knowledge.


£475 / In your own time!
  • 36 lessons, do them at home at your own pace
  • Constructive Critism on every submission
  • Does NOT replace in-person training
  • Learn how to draw realism basics!
  • Learn what actually makes this work so difficult
  • Avoid common pmu mistakes and create dynamic results
  • Interaction and support in our private group
  • Emotional Importance
  • DIfferent Surgeries and Scar Types
  • Great for Exp. Nurse Tattooists