About Lucy Thompson

What our clients say


We are very fortunate to be able to make a big difference in people lives with out work. Lucy is very passionate about helping people and empowering people to move forwards.

Dear Beautiful Lucy,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the confidence you gave me by doing my beautiful mastectomy scar tattoos. You are an amazing lady who is an ambassador for breast cancer survivors. You empower and dignify women like me. Keep up your amazing work, but please look after yourself! The work you have done setting up the charity deserves recognition.

You are a true friend. – Vicky

What an amazing transformation at the hands of the truly talented Lucy. I was so nervous about having a permanent tattoo done, but wow! The results! After several years of horrid pink bullseye NHS tattoos I now feel whole and every time I look at my breasts I cannot believe what Lucy had managed to achieve. These nipples are so realistic, so (dare I say it…) attractive. Every little detail is perfect, the colour and the size is so realistic. I just love them. Lucy you are one of the kindest, sweetest people I have had the honour of meeting. I’m not a great talker, but in your company I have felt so relaxed, I have chattered incessantly.

You have made me whole again, bless you!

– Moira

Lucy, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for bringing your contagious personality into our lives. Thank you for supporting Mum on her journey. Thank you for making her feel like it’s okay to be different. I still remember the moment Mum looked in the mirror and saw her nipples for the first time. “Oh wow…” I knew instantly she was happy. I knew instantly you’d made a difference in her life. You are an inspiration. Not just to me, not just to Mum, but to every single person you have reached out to!

– Emma (Louise)

Thank you so much Lucy! You are a beautiful caring lady who is doing an amazing job to give breast cancer survivors their confidence back. My nipple tattoo is absolutely awesome! I cannot put into words how grateful I am! The flowers are a bonus! You have helped me to complete my 8 year journey from diagnosis to feeing like a woman again.

Love you loads. – Anji

Dear Lucy, You have an amazing talent and such a caring way of dealing with people. I’m delighted with my tattoo, and for the first time in twenty years I can look at myself in the mirror and feel normal again. Thank you so much, and all the best with the charity.

– Anita

Dear Lucy,

After seeing your web page I was determined to give tattooing one last chance. I have had semi-permanent tattoos before but those hadn’t taken very well.

I travelled from Hertfordshire some 4 hours and it was worth every mile and minute!

I am so happy with the result and it’s the cherry on the cake after a very long journey, but so worth it, thank you so much!

– Kay

Dear Lucy, I can’t thank you enough for making me feel whole again with your amazing tattoo work. After having the trauma of a double mastectomy then having to wait for over 15 months feeling I had 2 lumps with very obvious scarring – no nipples, coming to your studio for nipples tattooed was a godsend. Words cannot describe how I was feeling. Now I feel whole again. I don’t see my scars, I see breasts with nipples that are so real I still have to take a second look. Thank you so much for your very large part of my healing journey both of body and mind. I really cannot thank you enough.

– Pauline

My lovely Lucy, You have changed and transformed my life. After meeting you in person I was put at ease, I tell you, you are truly amazing. I don’t think you even know how good you are, not just as a tattoo artist but as a person. Thank you for my nipple, I only wish you good things throughout your life for you and your family. Aim high and you will have all your dreams. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Marcelle

Lucy, After years of heartache after the dreaded cancer with my sister and death of her at the age of 28 I was also found to have the gene, so although I have not had cancer myself I had preventative surgery and had a double Mesec to me with reconstruction, at any age this is devastating but I 31, my life without my sister and the major change my body I couldn’t see happiness anymore. After researching many Tattoo Artists, I choose you, thank God! What do you do is amazing, do you work your magic and family give me nipples back, wow! They look amazing, and I cried tears of happiness. The confidence it has given me back is indescribable. You are angel in the disguise, I cannot thank you enough, you’re a superstar. Thank you.

– Claire

Lucy, You completely exceeded my expectations. What an amazing talented woman you are, made me feel at ease, you are so warm and friendly. I now have a matching pair! I am so happy. Thank you so much.

– Sarah