What are mastectomy tattoos?

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What are mastectomy tattoos?

Mastectomy Tattoos are a way of reclaiming your body following surgery. You may have been left with some scarring that you are just not happy with. A Decorative tattoo is slightly different to a nipple tattoo in the sense that this is more focused on an artistic design.

We offer a bespoke service for mastectomy scar coverup tattoos and will always work with you, your dreams and ideas to help come up with a suitable design that you will be proud to wear on your skin for years to come.

Mastectomy tattoos are suitable for clients who have or haven’t had a reconstruction. For women who are flat, once the tattoo is healed they are still able to wear breast prostheses or mastectomy bras over their mastectomy tattoo.

A Tattoo is a scar you choose. a negative that can be turned into a positive, to boost your confidence like never before. Time for you to take ownership of your body once again and decorate it on your own terms.

What are mastectomy tattoos?


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