What are 3D Nipple Tattoos?

What are 3D Nipple Tattoos?

You may find yourself asking, what is a 3Dnipple tattoo? We will guide you through what a nipple tattoo is and who would want one. If you have battled cancer, had top surgery or a mastectomy then you may choose to have a nipple tattoo or a decorative cover up tattoo.

When the surface is flat and there is no bump or surgically created nipple we can use shading techniques using light to create the illusion of a real nipple. This helps the nipple look 3D.

We recreate the nipple and areola to look and feel like a real nipple. Have you ever seen those 3D drawings that look real and deceive the eye? We use the same trick.

When choosing an artist its important to choose an artist with an artist background and experience in tattooing on damaged skin.

If you have had a mastectomy or nipple reconstruction, 3D techniques and tricks can be used to make you new nipple look natural and realistic.

We have developed and refined our skills tattooing over 100 nipples. When starting out Lucy travelled to Canada to seek professional training and experience in tattooing on nipples. This shows how committed we are to providing a fantastic service and making sure we have any qualification we possibly can.

What are 3d nipple tattoos?

You can see some of our 3D nipple tattoos in our gallery here

Why choose a permanent 3d nipple tattoo over a cosmetic nipple tattoo?
We use the highest quality of tattoo inks to ensure our nipple tattoos last a lifetime. We know the more the nipple is touched up, the more it damages and irritates the skin. With cosmetic nipple tattoos we estimate they will need touching up once a year.

We know from experience and research that nipple tattoos performed by a cosmetic tattooist or in a hospital are created using micro pigment dyes. These are the same inks that are used for lip liner or tattooed eyebrows. They are designed to fade in time and are classed as semi-permanent.

This is perfect for cosmetic tattoos, as no one wants the same eyebrows to last a lifetime because fashions change. However, this is no good for nipples.

Tattoos from hospitals or performed by a cosmetic tattooist fade within a year and disappear quickly. This means that you will need to repeat the procedure every 2 years or have touch ups once a year. The ongoing costs can be in the thousands over a lifetime not to mention the inconvenience of having to go back.

When the inks are absorbed by the body, they can be done at a different rate leaving the nipple looking patchy and fade unevenly. This ruins the 3d effect of the nipple tattoo.

The machines used by cosmetic surgeons are low powered machines to apply the ink. This means those machines are not high powered enough to penetrate the scarred tissue. This means that the skin could not take to the ink and cause unnecessary damage to the skin.

When tattooing scar skin the tattooist needs to have years of experience tattooing on skin in general. One day cosmetic courses do not cut it in our opinion. The skin tissue is too fragile and needs the right skillset to tattoo on it.

The 3D nipple tattoos we create last a lifetime this is why we call them permanent 3D nipple tattoos. We pride ourselves on knowing that you’re tattoo will need no maintenance. This enables you to move forwards putting any previous surgey firmly behind you.

If you are looking for a consultation on a permanent nipple tattoo contact us today on 01274 031423 or on info@mastectomytattoosuk.com


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