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Nipple Tattoos

The equipment used is specifically created with the idea of working with this delicate skin, a machine that has an adjustable give that allows tattoos to go in faster with less trauma, meaning they heal quicker with more retention and safe to use on scar tissue. Pigments that have been specifically made by World Famous Inks - Pink Ribbon Series to give the softest most natural, realistic results which are permanent! These wont fade or disappear over time, they are built for life 🙂

The idea is to create a portrait of your natural nipple or from a photo, so that fits your body shape and skin tone in the most flattering and natural way it possibly can. Often giving the illusion of an actual nipple being there and many women who have stated they had temporarily forgotten it was simply a realistic tattoo!

This 3d nipple tattooing is so much more than just a tattoo, it is a chance to regain a new love and ownership of your changed body following mastectomy surgery, to have the chance and opportunity to feel whole and beautiful once again.

The healing power this restorative 3D Nipple tattooing holds literally and simply - can not be put into words, it is literally life changing. It gives breast cancer survivors a chance to finally put an end to the journey they have been on, in the hope they can now feel empowered enough to move forward with their lives, their new bodies and give them back their dignity just as they deserve.

nipple tattoos


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