Eyebrow Tattoos

Lucy Thompson recently trained with award winning training academy DC Micro using Goldeneye pigments and is now able to offer PMU Permanent Make Up Eyebrow Tattoo services.

Permanent Make Up eyebrows are unique and special to you, they are tailored to your requirements and specific beautiful face shape.

Lucy offers a number of bespoke styles of tattooing including Powder Brows, hair strokes and combo brows, this tattoo process takes place over two sessions to create the perfect look for your face.

Lucy also offers removal sessions of old pigment and correction work of old existing pigment in the skin. 

Lucy Thompson also offers this service for post-cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemo or who are facing chemo and would like to have their eyebrows tattooed on before eyebrow loss.

Some FAQs for PMU Micropigmentation Tattooing;

What is micropigmentation? 

Also known as permanent make-up, tattooing, cosmetic tattooing or semi-permanent make up. Lucy uses a lightweight rotary tattoo pen with a sterilised single use Disposable needle cartridge, to deposit pharmaceutical grade pigment into the upper part of the dermal layer of skin. This technique is derived from traditional tattooing, however, the depth of needle is shallower to allow for finer detail pigment implantation and gradual fading over time.

What does the appointment involve?

After an initial consultation via email, you will be booked in for your first appointment. This initial appointment will be up to 3 hours long so please allow enough time for this. This will give us ample time to discuss your needs and requirements, for me to assess your skin and discuss your immediate medical history and allow us to take time mapping out and drawing on the area to be tattooed. Making sure we are both happy with the results before commencing tattooing. The tattoo process will take around 45 mins to 60 mins depending on your skin type. 

How long does ‘Permanent’ makeup last?

Generally it will take between 3-7+ years for any colour pigment to completely and naturally exit the skin.

In order to maintain the longevity of your cosmetic tattoo, it is recommended to have a maintenance treatment every 1-3 years. Some pigments will take longer than others to fade. This depends on the specific pigment utilised, which area is treated, your skin type, and lifestyle factors. For example: blonde brows applied to someone who has oily skin, will fade much faster than dark eyeliner applied to someone with a normal skin type. Other factors can speed up fading, such as your metabolism, if you frequently expose yourself to direct sunlight, or on occasion if you are deficient in iron.


Wearing factor 50 ofter your PMU can help delay fading. also, avoiding the direct application of anti ageing creams containing Retinol and other exfoliating treatments, such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion, over the treated area will help keep your pigment intact.

Will I get my results straight away?

Immediate results are initially about 30-40% darker than the final healed result, the area will become a little dry and flakey for about 5-14 days post procedure. Some people will experience a little redness that will resolve within the first 48 hours, this can appear to alter the look of the pigment initially, it is not a true indication of the final results.

After the initial healing, the top layer of the tattoo will flake off and the colour beneath may have seemingly disappeared, but this will start to develop again throughout the next few weeks. Uneven results can occur after your first treatment. This is dependent on how your skin accepts the pigment, and how well you look after the area whilst it’s healing. Not to worry, you can have a retouch treatment 6-12 weeks later to perfect the colour and address any other alterations you may want to make, a top up session will be booked with Lucy during the initial treatment.

Does it hurt?

Generally some discomfort is felt. a topical anaesthetic is used during the initial tattoo process once the skin has been opened to reduce any redness, pain and swelling that may be felt. Painkillers (no blood thinners) can be taken before your appointment, Lucy is very gentle and will take it at your pace without you feeling rushed in anyway.


PMU Eyebrow Tattoos