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The costs charged for permanent 3D Nipple Tattoos are as follows;

Unilateral 3D Nipple Tattoo – £325

Bilateral 3D Nipple Tattoos – £450

These payments are the total amounts and are made in three payments over both sessions (i.e £50 deposit, £150 first session, £125 second session for Unilateral tattoo)

The tattoos I do are permanent, my background is in traditional professional tattooing so the 3D nipples I tattoo are done with permanent pigments using traditional tattoo techniques and are designed to never fade away.

A consultation is usually done at the same time as the first tattoo appointment. It is important this tattoo procedure is done over 2 sittings at minimum of ten weeks apart.

This is to ensure I can achieve the most natural realistic results, when tattooing over scar tissue or skin that may have been through a variety of treatments such as chemo or radiation it is so important that the skin is handled with extra care so not to cause any further damage which can be common when tattooing over previous medical tattoos.

 It is impossible to gauge how this skin will handle a tattoo until the first sitting, this is how we achieve permanent results that don’t fade away unlike medical tattoos.

Creating the perfect 3D nipple tattoo is done by using an artistic eye and a painterly technique, think of it as creating an oil painting, a portrait even. This takes time and consideration and learnt specialist skills and techniques.


Its takes a certain understanding of tattooing scar tissue by listening to the body and ensuring we get the most natural looking and most importantly permanent nipple tattoo that fits perfectly with your body which helps aid the illusion of a protrusion by seeing a 3D realistic nipple.

Lucy offers free nipple tattoo clinics thanks to the Nipple Innovation Project ( however spaces are limited due to the charity relying on donations and fundraisers to be able to fund these free treatments.



The second sitting is a time for finalising and refining details, the perfection stage! It’s very important to see how the pigment has healed over any scar tissue as all scars and bodies heal differently, it’s important we respect the healing process which allows us to take the time to let the body fully heal in time for the final session, which helps to smooth out any final details. It is important this tattooing is done over two separate sittings to achieve the best results that you truly deserve, to last a lifetime!

Generally the initial appointment you have with me will take 2-3 hours, so please allow plenty of time when you schedule a booking. This time allows us for plenty of time to have a consultation beforehand, discuss your needs, marking up and selecting pigments. The second appointment wont take as long but we will be able to advise you on time scales after your initial appointment.

The Cosmetic or NHS Medical Tattoos that are available are completely different to what we offer. Their tattoos are designed to work their way out of the skin and have no realism or artistry to them. There is a significant difference in the service I offer and the one that is currently offered free of charge by the hospitals in the UK. 

If cost is an issue, I would like to let you know i have recently started a charity called The Nipple Innovation Project ( which I started to be able to offer financial assistance for a breast cancer survivor who may not be able to afford this specialist service or could do with a little financial assistance. 

As I feel everyone without nipples deserves access to this healing art form regardless of cost as its such an important part of a survivors healing journey! 

As the charity runs on donations there is however, a little waiting list for this procedure at the moment.

Alternatively I could always provide you with an invoice which may be used to claim back the costs from any private health insurance you may have.

Decorative Scar Cover up Tattoos are charged at an hourly rate of £70 per hour. Design time is free and included in your appointment, a non-refundable deposit will be required to make an appointment.

If you’d like to discuss anything further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Im available in the studio, via email, phone or even facetime/video call if you would prefer to have a chat with me from the comfort of your own home.

Scar Reduction Therapy prices start from £50 per session.


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