How to look after your new tattoo



  • Bodies are designed to heal so the less you do the better!
  • Once you have had your nipple tattoos you will leave with either an absorbent dressing or a dressing that acts as a second skin. These are one time use only and must be discarded of once removed.
  • Absorbent dressings should stay on no longer than 24 hours. For the breathable dressing this can be left on for up to 7 days. If fluid builds up behind the second skin please gently remove the dressing in the shower, pat dry and reapply the spare dressing provided by your artist and leave that on for the next 5-7dqys.
  • Your tattoos will need washing gently but thoroughly using fingertips and a very mild soap.
  • Be mindful of tight fitting clothes or bras during the first week following your treatment – often wearing a bra with a larger cup size can help give the area room to breathe.
  • Shower like normal, even with the second skin on, it protects your tattoo and will stay adhered until it’s time to remove it.
  • Do not wear any clothing that is restrictive or can cause friction.
  • Do not immerse your tattoo in water for 3 weeks. Avoid excessive sweating for the first 48 hours, then wash thoroughly after exercise. Take it easy!
  • DO NOT expose to sun or use sunscreen for the first 6 weeks.
  • lucy will  discuss and recommend the best aftercare cream that will need to be used when the dressings are no longer required. To give your tattoo the best opportunity to heal so you can get the best results!
  • You will be given full aftercare support and advice. whilst Lucy appreciates you may of never had a tattoo before so if you have any more questions or concerns that arise please do not hesitate to contact her directly! And she will help in anyway she can to ensure you have a smooth healing process.


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