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Award Winning
Nipple Tattoo Artist

Lucy Thompson travelled to Texas in 2017 to achieve a UK first and become the UKs first A.R.T 3D nipple tattoo certified tattoo artist, meaning she could offer permanent, realistic 3D nipple tattoos that give the illusion of a nipple protrusion on a flat surface, following mastectomy and breast reconstructive surgery after a breast cancer diagnosis. Lucy then began her career in medical tattooing.

Lucy Thompson uses her artistic skills and experience in traditional tattooing and body art to recreate realistic nipples for people who have been through multiple surgeries and are looking for the final piece to their puzzle or the cherry on the cake as its often referred to.
Lucy travelled to Belfast to attend the Titanic International Tattoo Convention in 2019 with her charity the Nipple Innovation Project.

“I’m proud to say I won first place for Most Realistic Tattoo with a very brave client who was a breast cancer survivor.
“I entered realistic 3D bilateral 3D nipple tattoos, which has never been done before, not only in the UK but worldwide. I was up against many internationally-known, pro-team artists from all around the world."

Lucy's brave client consented to showing her tattoos after she felt elated at seeing the results, she presented them privately to a panel of judges and won first place! Award winning nipples - that’s not something you hear every day!!

Lucy decided that after being able to help her auntie who had had a mastectomy and a fading hospital tattoo, that she wanted more people to feel empowered like her auntie did! So Lucy Thompson set up the UKs first mastectomy tattoo charity in 2018, The Nipple Innovation Project, to be able to offer a directory service for breast cancer survivors who needed It and to provide funding for those who required extra support.

More info can be found out about NIP charity at


Our Specialisations

3D Nipple Tattoos, Gender Affirming Tattoos, Decorative Scar Coverups, Collagen Induction Therapy , Scar Camouflage