Online Drawing Course

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Advanced Artist Training

This interactive online digital course will help an experienced tattooist who is looking to level up their skills with this interactive digital drawing class. The class includes regular live Q&A sessions in a private facebook group along with support and guidance along the way. Interactive Tasks and projects which will help you develop your skills further so you can provide the highest level, healing medical tattooing possible! This course is great for nurses or PMU Artists who are looking to advance their skills further ☺

(key points)

  • 36 lessons, do them at home at your own pace
  • Constructive Critism on every submission
  • 50% off for COVID-19 – level up time! (no materials)
  • Does NOT replace in-person training
  • Learn how to draw realism basics!
  • Learn what actually makes this work so difficult
  • Avoid common pmu mistakes and create dynamic results
  • Interaction and support in our private group
  • Emotional Importance
  • DIfferent Surgeries and Scar Types
  • Great for Exp. Nurse Tattooists

£725.00 £365.00Add to cart