Scar Cover Up Tattoo

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Scar Cover Up

Lucy has a background in professional tattooing and as an artist she loves to create unique and custom designs for her clients.
We find more often than not clients returning after having their completed nipple tattoo, feeling brave and empowered enough to get their first ‘traditional tattoo’. This is usually to cover up any scars they may have from previous mastectomy surgery. Or even just a symbol of taking ownership of their bodies after surviving and battling the trauma that cancer brings.

Free consultation and Video calls are available so we can discuss your specific mastectomy tattoo requirements and come up with a bespoke design that will not only empower you but compliment and flatter your shape.

Mastectomy Tattoos are a great way to reclaim your body following mastectomy surgery and reconstruction.

How can a Scar Cover Up Tattoo help?

Scar Cover Up Tattoo

A scar cover up tattoo is an amazing way of taking control of a trauma and turning it into something beautiful!

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