Advanced Artist Training

Artistic Areola Tattoo Training;

– We are so different from any other medical tattoo training, that we give students a real chance to see how much more is possible than they realize.  We are here to heal, and we consider this work a calling, rather than a simple service…

*Current training protocols limit tattooists to rules and boundaries that show up as stagnant results.  Measurements and guidelines that do not work on every body.  We give students a chance to learn how to problem solve to prepare for challenges.

*We collaborate and share all of our knowledge and push past our own boundaries to create the most dynamic and realistic work possible, all while we continue to constantly grow and evolve as professionals.

*This is how we can assure that all of our clients have access to the most advanced tattooing available, and how we inspire progress straight across the board while keeping our competitive edge and consistently high standards met.

*This motivation comes from our close experiences of mastectomy surgeries and how emotionally detrimental is to have poor quality nipple tattoos.

*We are all driven by a desire to inspire deep emotional healing with this beautiful healing art.

*This is the new gold standard – Heartfelt, highly advanced specialists.  We are the change we want to see in the world.

-You deserve nothing but the BEST!  Don’t settle for less.


The Yorkshire Mastectomy
Tattoo Clinic

Advanced Areola Tattoo Training

Lucy Thompson travelled to Texas to take an advanced training class with Stacie-Rae in 2017 and therefore became the first A.R.T Certified Artist in the UK in the process.

This advanced areola tattoo training is for experienced Machine artists only and is held over a course of 3 days at the Yorkshire Mastectomy Clinic.

Prior to the in-person training an online mentorship will be started with Lucy Thompson who offers support and guidance in a variety of areas to ensure you are prepared to learn the most from this advanced training in person.

The class includes a theory day, practise on fake specially moulded silicone practise SKINS that represent ‘post surgery damage’ under the guidance of experienced trainers.

Prepare yourself to learn and develop your skills more as you successfully tattoo ‘imperfect conditions’ as you may encounter with your client’s Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction.
We also facilitate a live training class with models who have had previous failed medical tattoos or no previous tattooing to ensure one on one hands on training is given.

We want to help develop the skills you already have to ensure you are achieving the highest level results whilst causing minimal trauma to the skin.

Lucy is currently writing up her manual to offer the in person classes. To be added to the waiting list for this work please email her directly